Return Policy

All products sold by ChinaPart Europe are in accordance with the product description. We check every item before sending, so we guarantee that they are of good quality.

If the purchased item did not fit, you can change it or return it within 14 days.

When returning products, the following conditions must be met:

  • The return item must be in the original, orderly packaging;
  • The product must be in good working condition;
  • The product must not be deprived of its commercial appearance (undamaged labels, unsealed protective films, etc.);
  • The returned goods must be of the same type as the one obtained;

In the event of the product being inadequate quality, we undertake the responsibility to change the product that was inappropriate quality and exchange it to a good quality product or return the money paid for the item.

To return any products, please inform us by e-mail. email