Shipping & Delivery

Perkant už 30 ir daugiau, prekių pristatymas Lietuvoje bet kuriuo pasirinktu būdu NEMOKAMAS

Delivery options:

Free pickup from our ChinaPart Europe Office
Pick up your items from our office in Klaipėda. Our address

First class registered post (1-3 w.d.)
Item delivered to your closest post office or your home address.

Omniva (1-2 w.d.)
Pick up your item from any Omniva self-service parcel terminal. Terminal locations

LP Express (1-2 w.d.)
Pick up your item from any LP Express self-service parcel terminal.  Terminal locations

 Bus station (1 w.d.)
Delivery to your closest bus station terminal. Pickup locations


Delivery to all EUROPEAN countries via Lithuanian post.


If there is a more convenient way you wish the items to be delivered. Please contact us.