Terms & Conditions

1. The Online Store (hereinafter referred to as the Shop) Rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) apply to the Customer upon placing an order in this Online Store.
2. The customer is not given the opportunity to submit a goods order if he is not familiar with the rules of the Shop. In all cases, it is considered that the Customer is familiar with the Rules and approves of them, provided that, before ordering the goods, he confirms his acceptance of the Rules by marking the corresponding mark at the time of booking. The customer agrees that by marking the consent on the first order, it will be automatically tagged in other purchases. In cases where the Client partially or completely disapproves of all or part of the Rules, he must not submit the order electronically. Otherwise, it is considered that the Customer has become acquainted and unconditionally agreed with all the Rules of the Store.
3. The Shop is exempted from any liability in cases where the loss arises from the fact that the Customer, without taking into account the recommendations and commitments made to him, did not understand the Rules of the Store, although he was given such a possibility.
4. The Shop has the right to adjust the Rules only for a valid reason and necessarily with the date of entry into force of the amendment, which may not be less than 7 days from the date of publication in the online store. Until the effective date of the changes, orders placed by the Customer are realized according to the previously valid Rules.

2. Order and conditions for placing an order

1. The customer chooses the goods suitable for him on the shop’s website. On the basis of his choice, the order of goods is formed.
2. When choosing the goods, the Customer confirms with sufficient competence to choose the goods suitable for him.
3. After the order of the goods has been completed, the Customer must enter the data necessary for the delivery of the selected goods: his name, surname, address, where the goods will be delivered, the phone and additional information that may be relevant for the delivery of the goods ordered or by issuing an invoice. The shop confirms that the data provided by the Client will be used exclusively for the purpose of selling, delivering and billing goods, without prejudice to the requirements for the protection of personal data provided by the law of the country in which the company is registered.
4. The customer must choose one of the possible methods of billing in the Shop. Alternatively, the way of shipping may be chosen from the options available for the Shipment delivery options. The Customer confirms at the selected or agreed time that he agrees to be at the address indicated in the order or will be his representative able to accept the delivered goods.
5. After the client confirms the order, he will be sent to the Shop. The order is deemed to be submitted from the moment it is received by the Store. However, the order is deemed to be enforceable only from the moment when the Shop receives an acknowledgement of payment for an order from the institution chosen by the Customer for settlement.
6. Upon submission of the order to the customer, the Shops system automatically sends an e-mail to the Customer about the order received. The order will be started upon receipt of payment by the Customer. If the order is not paid within 7 business days, the order is cancelled.
7. The customer’s order is stored in the Shops database.
8. In all cases, the Client is deemed to be familiar with and unconditionally accepting all the Bank’s Terms and Conditions, when placing an order, as with any other terms specified in the order.
9. The order is cancelled within the shortest possible time when the Customer addresses the Customer’s service contacts indicated in the Shop at the Shop and expresses the wish to cancel the Order.

3. Warranty and product pricing

1. The characteristics of each item are listed collectively with each item in the Store.
2. The store indicates and the Customer confirms that he is aware that the goods specified in the Shop may not match their colour, shape or other parameters with the actual size, shape and colour of the goods due to the features of the technical equipment used by the Customer (for example, the monitor).
3. The Client agrees that when placing an order electronically in the Shop, he undertakes to pay for the price specified in the order for the goods.
5. The store sells goods that meet the conditions specified in the order. In cases where the goods transferred to the Customer do not comply with certain requirements of the order, the Customer must immediately inform the Store by e-mail. by post or by other channels indicated by it, and undertakes to take all action necessary to remedy existing deficiencies if such defects arise from the fault of the Store.
6. Store commitments:
6.1. The store undertakes to sell goods that have a specified expiry date.
6.2. The store undertakes to transfer the goods of the appropriate quality and meet the requirements specified in the order.

6.3. The store undertakes to provide the Customer with the quantity specified in the order. The store is not responsible for cases where the quantity of goods transferred is not accurate due to the fact that the Customer incorrectly provided the data in the order.
6.4. The store in all cases provides the Customer with a range of products that meet the criteria provided for in the Order.
6.5. In cases where a particular item set is foreseen in the order, the Store undertakes to provide all items included in the set of items.
6.6. The goods are packed in accordance with their nature and in order to make the goods suitable for their intended purpose.
6.7. The store undertakes to accept defective goods and replace them with quality ones. If the Shop does not have similar goods, then the Shop will return the money to the Customer for the defective goods.
6.8. The customer has the right to return quality goods without any explanation within 14 days of their acquisition. In this case, the transport costs are paid by the Client. Returned goods must be intact, unused, suitable for resale, in original packaging and otherwise conform to the state of the purchase.
6.9. The customer pays the direct costs of returning the goods (shipping costs), the additional costs incurred due to the choice of the sending method, when the cheapest way, the simple way offered by the Stores and the cost of returning the goods are chosen, if the goods can not send a simple postal item due to their specifics.
6.10 Refunds do not apply to packaged Goods that were unpacked after delivery and which are unsuitable for health or hygiene reasons.
6.11. The return of goods does not apply according to special Client’s instructions for manufactured Goods, which are manufactured in accordance with the Customer’s personal choices or orders or for Goods that are clearly adapted for the Customer’s personal needs.
6.12. The shop undertakes to return all payments made, including shipping costs, immediately, no later than within 14 business days of the customer’s notice of withdrawal, except as specified in 6.9. points. The shop makes money repayments in the same manner as the Customer paid unless the Customer agrees with another way of return, which will not require any additional costs from it.
6.13. The customer, having received defective goods, has the right to file a claim because the Shop assumes some responsibility for the goods sold.
6.14. The claim must be submitted in writing by sending the following email address to the following rules. by mail, The claim will be processed within 14 days of receiving the returned goods.
6.15. The customer may require goods to be replaced by new ones, to reduce the price or to refund the money when goods are cancelled, but only in case of defective marks unless the Shop can quickly replace the goods with new ones without defects.

5. Payment procedure and terms

1. The customer will pay for the goods ordered by him at one of the shops indicated in the order specified by the order.
2. If the customer has chosen one of the methods of online payment, he undertakes to pay for the ordered goods immediately, otherwise he will lose the right to make claims regarding the violation of terms of delivery, since according to the order of the Customer, the parcel of goods is started to be formed only after the receipt of payment for the goods by the Shop.
3. An electronic account for the Order shall be formed and sent to the Customer at the time of the Customer’s registration by the e-mail indicated when the Shop sends the Order. The customer can then download the electronic account by logging onto his account at the Shop and reviewing the details of the order.


6. Shipping and delivery of goods

1. The customer, when ordering the goods, undertakes to indicate the place of delivery of the goods.
2. The customer undertakes to accept ordered goods. If the Customer delivers the wrong address to which the order is sent, he assumes responsibility and additional shipping costs.
3. Goods are delivered by the Seller or his authorized representative.
4. If the item contains the balance of the goods in the Seller’s warehouse, this information is indicative information on the goods balance that may change during the execution of the order and which does not guarantee that the item will actually be in the Seller’s warehouse during the execution of the order. If the balance of the goods in the warehouse is not sufficient, then the Client in the sales description shall indicate the approximate time of removal of the goods.
5. In the shop, each item is provided with information on quantities and terms of delivery. If the order consists of several goods, some of which are missing at that moment, the Customer is informed about the deadlines for receipt of missing goods and the actual delays.
6. Delivery time is given in the order and calculated from the date of the order. If the item is in stock, the order will be ready within 1 business day (or after the payment is accepted if prepayment is chosen). If the specified delivery time is 1-2 days or 2-5 business days, the goods must be recovered from the supplier or manufacturer, and if the sales deadline is 14-21 business days, it means that the products are manufactured.
7. The store is not liable for delivery delays due to the courier service’s fault or the Customer’s address with the wrong address.
8. At the time of delivery of goods, in the presence of a courier or postal worker, the Customer shall have the right to verify that the consignment was not opened or damaged during delivery. If the package was opened or damaged during transportation, the Client must write an act and e-mail together with the courier or postal worker. To inform the Shop by e-mail.
9. The cost of delivery (transportation) of goods is calculated according to the weight of the goods and the place of delivery. The fee is automatically calculated on the order and is visible before the final confirmation of the order.

7. Comment placement

1. All comments on placing comments in the comments of the goods determine the rules and their observance is controlled by the Shop. Any comment hosting on the Store automatically implies acceptance of all the rules for setting comments.
2. In all cases, the store has the right to remove comments that violate both the laws of the country where the company is registered, the rights of others, and the rules for placing comments. Together, reserves the right to remove any comments posted in the comments of the products at their discretion.
3. Everyone, submitting his comment to the Store, confirms that such commentary does not violate and violate any rights of third parties and assumes responsibility for any actions that would violate the above-mentioned approvals.

8. Final provisions

1. All notices to the Store must be submitted on the contact details provided on the page or in specially designed forms.
2. These rules are governed by the law of the country in which the company is registered.
3. For relations arising under these rules, the law of the country where the registered company is based shall apply.
4. All disputes arising from the enforcement of these rules shall be resolved by negotiation. Failing to reach an agreement, disputes are resolved in accordance with the law of the country in which the company is registered.

9. Office address and customer service contacts

9.1. Office address:
ChinaPart Europe
Stadiono g. 16
LT-92271, Klaipeda
Ind. Activity code: 689268

9.2. Customer service contacts:
Tel .: +37068307350
El. mail: info@chinapart.eu